The Nursery at Our Lady of Sorrows
162 Academy Street, South Orange, NJ 07079

The Infant Care

The Nursery wants to be partners with you the parent. You are trusting us with your baby and we want to earn that trust. Our child care infant program provides a loving and nurturing environment for 6-week to 12-month-old children. This full-time program allows staff to help children develop a sense of security with their environment.
In the Infant room each child has an Individual Plan. We believe that you as parents should be the people making the decisions about your baby’s day at The Nursery. Whether your baby eats or sleeps on a schedule or on demand, we will support your decision and follow your directives. Teamwork between home and the infant room is vitally important. The needs of infants are ever changing, which means communication among adults is essential to support each child’s care and education.
From birth, babies are learning at an amazing rate. They are investigating sights, sounds, and textures. At The Nursery we provide a rich environment full of opportunities to actively explore and master their world. They are surrounded with attentive caregivers who respond to their needs, fill their day with responsive interactions and language, and give each baby the nurturing so important to develop a sense of trust. Our infants are read to, held, played with, challenged and loved throughout their day. Reaching, grasping, kicking, holding, pulling, creeping, crawling are all encouraged with the younger infants. Older infants work on walking, feeding, gripping, throwing, climbing, pushing and pulling. All babies explore texture, color, patterns, size, shape, taste and weight. Cognitively they learn object permanence, spatial relationships, cause and effect and problem solving. Through adult-child conversations, reading, fingerplays, songs and music the infants are immersed in a language rich environment. Infants explore art, movement, pretend play and role playing.
Each infant is provided with their own crib or cot depending on their age and readiness. At feeding time, the younger babies are always held when having a bottle. When they are ready for solid food we have small, individual high chairs to encourage self-feeding skills. When parents decide that their child is ready for finger food, The Nursery provides nutritious snacks and food is sent in from home to assure continuity of feeding and food choices.
We provide gentle care to meet the daily needs of diapering, feeding, and sleeping. By earnestly working to meet the infant’s basic needs, we create a healthy and safe environment. We believe diaper time is a time for wonderful interactions with the infant. The caregivers view this as a special one on one time when they can spend time talking with the babies and further developing a sense of trust. Each family provides the diapers, wipes and ointments that they wish to be used. Every infant is changed at least every two hours or more often if needed.
Although you are away from your child during the day, you will know what their day was like through the daily report you will receive at the end of each day. This report lets you know about diaper changes, feeding, naps and notes about what your baby did while at The Nursery. The daily report supplements the conversations you will have with the caregivers each day. Our caregivers try to always be available either at drop off or pick up times and can be called anytime during the day.

The Toddler Care

Toddlers are beginning to control their world. They are asking the adults in their world to “help them do it all by myself”. During this wonderful time they are developing many self help skills including feeding themselves, using the toilet, dressing themselves, drinking from a cup, etc.. Our toddler sized child care environment removes many of the obstacles to learning these skills. At The Nursery our tables and chair, cubbies, cots and shelves are designed for toddlers. Our toilets and sinks are child sized, not adult sized with stools. Many of our learning activities focus on skills needed to manipulate buttons, zippers and snaps. Our toddlers are encouraged to try to put on their own coats, shoes, socks and clothing. We believe that through patience and breaking tasks into small steps most toddlers can learn appropriate independence. . A consistent program of developmentally appropriate activities helps to nurture a positive “can-do” attitude.
The toddler room is full of materials that promote further language development. There are alphabet and phonic activities, early math materials. The toddlers experience art through many mediums including crayons, markers, paint, finger-paint, clay, etc. Our art activities are child directed allowing the child to develop actual skills and experience art mediums on their own as opposed to learning to copy an adult made prototype.
Small and large motor skills are improved and refined throughout the program. Many manipulatives such as large legos, link-its, and puzzles are always available for the toddlers to chose. Movement activities take place through scarf play, circle time, balls and fingerplays, all of which help develop the child’s large motor skills. Our playground is equipped with age-appropriate equipment allowing the toddlers to climb, jump, slide, run and ride. Weather permitting the toddlers go outside at least twice each day.
In the toddler room, snack and lunch are served as a group activity. Each day there will be a morning and afternoon snack, provided by The Nursery. The children can either bring their own lunch or lunch can be ordered at an additional fee from the elementary school. Snack and lunch times are special opportunities for the toddlers to learn social skills and manners. The children learn to set the tables, sit nicely and clean up when they are done eating.
Naptime is in the early afternoon shortly after lunch. Each child is provided a toddler-sized cot. Families are encouraged to send in a blanket and small pillow if desired. The caregivers turn off the lights and play quiet
music to help the children rest. The caregivers are happy to rub backs to help the toddlers to fall asleep. No child is forced to sleep. After resting on their cot for thirty minutes, a child who does not sleep is allowed to choose a quiet activity until naptime is over.